Serena Bata Is Confident She Will Achieve A Lot More With Abitex Than She Ever Did With Arrogant Sipapa.

Serena Bata was signed under Abitex Promotions as an artiste after falling out with ex-manager and lover Charles Olim a.k.a Sipapa.

She has since witnessed some good things happen in her life including being gifted a brand new car by her new manager.

Serena Bata denies playing bedminton with promoter Abitex

Her music is as well slowly rising through the charts to positions she has always desired and she is confident she made the right choice.

The progress she has made thus far is worth it and Serena believes there is more to achieve with the popular local events organizer this year.

During an interview, theĀ Yegwe Munange singer said that Abitex believes in her talent and there is not much more she would have asked for in a manager.

“He bought me a car, he has funded my musical career, and he believes in me. I have managed to release many good songs under his management and he has helped me organize my show. What else could I have asked for? I know I am going to achieve more with him.” Serena Bata

Serena was handed a 3-weeks suspension by Abitex in September 2021 after she begged for a collaboration during a TV interview.

We await to see what they are cooking this year!


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