Xanadu – an Irish gambling software developer

The story Xanadu, the Irish company engaged in software production for operators of online gambling websites, started rather humbly. Initially, the company’s team consisted of three executives and eight programmers. But this was so long ago, in 2011. Now, the company employs 106 people, and during a recent press conference, the company board stated that they plan to double the number of employees by the end of the year.

Given that the company offers products of the highest quality and at a lower cost than its competitors, the number of orders is growing constantly. To reduce the waiting time for customers and do more work, the management decided to open several branches in Blackpool and Cork.

Xanadu produces a vast range of products but is primarily aimed at online sports betting market. Xanadu provides comprehensive services for the organization and implementation of online sports betting websites. With such high-quality software, Xanadu may provide online operators and players with almost anything they might need, including 24/7 monitoring of the operating status of systems.

In his interview with casinotip.net, Mark Brosnan, the Irish company’s CEO, emphasized the importance of further development of the company. According to him, under no circumstances should we lose customers by scaring them away with the long queue for the software. The company’s employees can deal with any issue that may arise. By increasing the number of employees, the administration plans to significantly intensify production, which in any event will have positive results.

In Mark Brosnan’s opinion, there is nothing surprising about the popularity of the company’s products. Since the company always meets the needs of customers and is in constant contact with them, they manage to keep service at a high level. Such a positive attitude to customers, favorable reviews, and smooth product operation draw in new customers.

Brosnan founded the company with co-founders Cian Nugent and Esme O’Flynn after Matchbook.com started looking for developers to develop software for the online betting website. They took a risk and, having some experience in this field, initiated the development of a product for Matchbook, thus starting the history of Xanadu.

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