OS Suna Apologizes To Radio And Weasel For Alleging That Radio & Weasel Are The Ones Who Started Rumors That He’s A Witch And A Demon.

OS Suna issued an apology to Weasel for saying that the Goodlyfe Crew began the accusations that he is a witch doctor many years ago after their fallout.

In a series of recent interviews, OS Suna has made it clear how Radio and Weasel started spreading rumors that he is a witch doctor.

OS Suna Apologises to Weasel and Entire GoodLyfe Over Ill Statements Made  About them - Celeb Patrol UG

OS Suna and the Goodlyfe Crew have not been in the best terms for a while and the fresh allegations only provoked the surviving member of the Goodlyfe duo even more.

It is reported that upon landing on an interview in which OS Suna accused the Goodlyfe of starting the baseless rumors, Weasel threatened to sue him over defamation.

It didn’t take long before Suna ran to his social media pages with an apology to Weasel and the Goodlyfe.

At such a time when we are perfecting our aim of eliminating defamation and character assassination by irresponsible journalists, it’s needless for us to be used by the media houses in their competition for news.

“I therefore Take this opportunity to apologize to my brother Weasel and the Good life at large fkr saying that they started this “oli mulogo” slogan against me. It’s so human to apologise to someone when you hurt them.” OS Suna

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