Bebe Cool And Jose Chameleone Become “Best Friends”

It seems like the recent actions of singer Dr Jose Chameleone denouncing NUP to join NRM has made him a darling to fellow singer, Bebe Cool. The two have become inseparable ever since then, becoming best friends overnight. Chameleone and Bebe Cool have always been great friends but not like how they are currently.

Yesterday, the Leone Island boss paid a visit to Bebe Cool‘s home in Kiwatule where they had a conversation spanning over four hours. The two probably talked about their memories while plying the Uganda- Kenya route in search of musical fame many years ago.

“We come a long way…Big up big bro Bebe Cool. I remember the Mawingo Nga we are in the Bus Corridor. Mama Alpha Zuena Kirema Pilau clear nyoo. Thanks for the love,” Chameleone posted on his Facebook page.

This saw Bebe Cool also post a picture of the Badilisha singer together with his family to which he told Chameleone that he’s always welcome to his home at any time.

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