“Bad black Namuwa 150k kubanga enjala yali emuluma ” Tycoon Lwasa And City Socialite Bad Black Clash Once Again

Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has clashed off with faded socialite Bad Black once again. The two had faced off each other a while back and Bad Black came out to shame the tycoon saying that he wanted to sleep with her but she rejected him because he’s broke.

When Lwasa was told of this and how Bad Black tainted him, he said that he can never sleep with someone like Bad Black. “It’s true I sent her 150k but I didn’t want to sleep with her. A very respectable man like me can’t sleep with such trash. I sent her the money because she was hungry,” Lwasa said.

The tycoon also got time to defend himself again over the leaked nude video of his that hit the internet weeks back. The tycoon said that no man who has no work can marry a woman like his.

However, when this fell to the motor-mouthed Bad Black, she tore into the tycoon right away. Bad Black told the media to go to Serena and ask for the CCTV footage showing when the two had gone there.

Bad Black went ahead to say that Lwasa is a conman and they used to work together to defraud people some time back.

“Am I his sister for him to send me that money? We even at one time went to Serena hotel together but he had no money. Lwasa is a broke conman and he no longer has any money on him. I don’t even want to waste time discussing him. We usually give him unnecessary platform yet he’s useless stuff,” Bad Black said.

She jokingly added how she and Lwasa were friends before but now the media has turned them against each other.

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