Pia Pounds narrates her disappointment after recording “Tupaate” song

By Website Writer; Ugandan songbird, Pia Pounds has opened up on one of her most disappointing moments in life, this is the post-release time of her popular “Tupaate” song.

Pia Pounds

During her interview on one local TV station, Pia pounds lamented how she came up with an idea about the song in July 2020 after developing party moods.

It was then that she bumped into the studio and recorded the song dubbing it “Tupaate”.

To her worst disappointment, all bars and hangouts were still under lockdown with no hopes of the opening so that the song would come to its purpose.

I wrote the ‘Tupaate’ song last year in the month of July when I was in the party mood, but I was disappointed that when I released it, the bars were locked due to COVID-19,” Pia Pounds.

Unlike most songs, “Tupaate” gained an outstanding performance both online and mainstream media after almost a year since its official release.

The song has also seen multi-international winning singe, Eddy Kenzo jump on it with a remix featuring MC Africa.

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