Anne Kansiime Says She’s Ready To Give Birth To Baby Number Two Just A Few Months After Giving Birth, Leaves Everyone Surprised!

Comedian Anne Kansiime, 34 years old has come out and stated how she is ready to give birth for fiance Abraham Tukahirwa aka Skylanta just months after welcoming their first child.

Kansiime revealed that even though she would later open up on how challenging the experience was, she now says she’s looking forward to baby number two.

“I struggled to have a child, and (this one) comes as a blessing,” explained Kansiime, also a renowned actress and influencer, perhaps in reference to her earlier marriage to Gerald Ojok

“I don’t know what I want, I don’t know when I will get what I want. I just pray for grace and good health. If God wants me to get 12 children I will, if he wants me to get 2, I will. But if I can tell God how many children I want, I can ask one more. I would not mind if it was a boy or a girl,” she said.

Kansiime and Skylanta made their romantic affair public in 2018, months after she announced the separation with Ojok.

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