Andrew Kabuura Cheating! Flavia Tumusiime abandons marital home as more pictures of disgraced sports pundit’s hungry cassava surfaces

Sports journalist Andrew Kabuura has left the world shocked after it was revealed that he is cheating on his wife Flavia Tumusiime, a presenter at Capital FM.

The shocking revelations have since pushed Flavia, who is having a breastfeeding baby to abandon their marital home.

Kabuura has been having an affair with Mercy Twinomujuni, a French Embassy employee at will, with the relationship seemingly going on for a while.

The two have been smashing each other behind Flavia’s back and more photos of the pair’s chats are continuing to flood on the internet.

In the latest photos, Kabuura takes a photo of his rebellious cassava building the shorts and sends them to Mercy. In return mercy also takes photos of her thighs under the table and sends them back. The s3xually arousing photos make the two h0rny and they plan for bed marathons.

These photos have reportedly left Flavia distraught and has since deserted her home to yet to be identified friend’s place.

Check out the photos below.

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