Lwasa fires employee for mocking him over his alleged viral videos

Social media users were left in shock over the weekend when Masaka Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa, who had just bashed his ex-lover Diana Nabatanzi and accused her of being barren appeared in a video with the tiniest manhood the world has ever seen.

In the video, a man believed to be Lwasa could be seen lying on a bed with a pimple-like manhood, promoting the entire internet to gang up against him and poke fun. Many joked that he was only blaming Nabatanzi for nothing because his manhood can’t get anyone pregnant.

The tycoon’s employee, a truck driver added salt in his wounds when he started sympathising with him saying having a tiny manhood should not be a problem to him.

It looks like Lwasa turned embarrassment into anger as he instantly fired his employee, it is reported.

In a video shared on his socials, he could be seen and heard ordering his manager to dismiss the driver claiming that an employee who failed to notice that the video was edited and his head photoshopped onto someone else’s body has no place in his company.

According to him, the video is fake since it was taken from a hotel too cheap for his standards.

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