Maddox Ssematimba Says Chameleone Should Stop Disguising As A Legend

Reggae music singer Maddox Ssematimba has come out to say that Leone Island boss Dr Jose Chameleone is not a music legend. The “Namagembe” crooner said that someone does not name themselves a legend but it’s bestowed upon him by the people.

Maddox further added that the words legend and superstar are misused by people. When they asked him how he categorizes Chameleone, Maddox said that he sees Chameleone as a veteran musician just.

Maddox said that Chameleone is his friend who he respects a lot but the title of a legend doesn’t befit him. He however credited him for helping other artists climb up the ladder.

“You should stop misusing the words legend and superstar. One is called a legend basing on what he’s done. If you call yourself a hen yet you’re a cockroach, we take what you have said. I classify Chameleone as a veteran musician who has helped other artists to climb the ladder but he’s far from legendary status.” Maddox said.

He further added that a legend’s status is never threatened, unlike a champion. A champion only holds the title until he’s challenged and if he doesn’t defend his title, then they can take the mantle from him.

This is not the first time Maddox and Chameleone are clashing. Maddox came out in 2019 and discredited Chameleone as a living legend.

Maddox said that his music released over 20 years ago is still playing unlike Chameleone’s.

This, therefore, made him the better between him and Chameleone. Chameleone also retaliated by saying that Maddox should stop reasoning like a young kid.

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