“I Have Not Yet Received A Single Coin From Gulu, So Please Stop Calling Me Or Else I Will Slap You!” Struggling King Saha Denies Receiving ‘Gulu Money’.

King Saha’s phone was buzzing with calls from friends and fellow artistes demanding for some of the money he had received in Gulu.

Earlier last month, reports claimed that artistes who met with General Salim Saleh in Gulu had each been given Shs20m.

On Monday, a reportedly fake list leaked showing how much each artiste in Gulu asked from the Operation Wealth Creation boss.

King Saha’s name was on the list and besides it was a Shs350m demand. As soon as the singer’s comrades saw his name on the list, they started reaching out to him asking for some of the Shs350m.

King Saha was, however, quick to refute the claims that he had received any of the alleged money from Gulu.

On his Facebook, the Kingslove Entertainment CEO asked people to stop calling his number because he has not received the money yet.

He wrote, “Banange ssi nafuna ssente….Mugenda kunziisa amasimu,” translated to mean, “I haven’t received money…You’re going to kill me with phone calls.”

Many artistes, critics, and fans have expressed divergent views regarding the Gulu project which is still ongoing in Northern Uganda.

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