Sheilah Gashumba And Rickman Can’t Wait To Get Married, In Order To Chew Each Other Day And Night.

Five months into their relationship, lovers Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman are already talking about marriage with their friends.

For some people, it will take a couple of years of dating and courtship before they start discussing marriage, and others, it takes shorter time.

It only took five months for Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman Manrick to start thinking about and discussing their future wedding.

Following a three year romping spree, Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan called it quits officially in March 2021.

The former lovers have each moved on with new partners and Sheilah Gashumba has made the most of her newfound love affair with singer Rickman.

The media personality has always showed how she is deep in love with the singer through videos shared on social media.

They have also been on trips around the world together and if anything, their relationship does not lack romance. This is something we all know now.

They both seem settled and comfortable with each other and according to Sheilah Gashumba, the only thing remaining is marriage.

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