“Stop Fooling People That Your Broke Manager Bought You A Benz Yet You Actually Bought It Yourself And Lie To The Public.” Ssendi Blasts Attention Seeking Nabawanuka Lydia Jazmine.

Dembe FM Talk N Talk show presenters, Kasuku, Edward Ssendi, and Jenkins Mukasa called out singer Lydia Jazmine Nabawanuka telling her to stop lying to the public that her manager Ronnie Mulindwa, gifted her with a new Mercedes Benz on her 30th birthday party celebrations.

The trio called Lydia Jazmine’s claim of being gifted a new Benz by her manager as an act of hoodwinking young artists’ parents to invest money in children’s music careers hoping that they would also get posh rides in return.

The trio maintained that Lydia Jazmine bought the car on her own money from the endorsement deals she has been getting from different companies and later handed it over to her manager to act like it was a gift from him.

“You bought the car yourself and asked your manager to hand it over to you on your birthday. So stop fooling the public with such useless stunts.” Edward Sendi


Jenkins Mukasa added how the singer also recently relocated from her old apartment where she was renting Shs 500k to a new one where she pays Shs 800k per month.

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