“Therafaaaa, By The Power Vested In Me, I Have Partially Lifted The 42 Days Lockdown.” President Museveni Answers The Cries Of Ugandans.

President Yoweri Museveni finally eased lockdown following a drop in COVID-19 admissions and infection levels across the country. Here we have all the key points from the National address.

He has eased the lockdown and opened some sectors. The 42 days ended on Friday 30th July, 2021 amidst great anticipation from the public that the lockdown would be ended and life would get back to normal with a most restrictions being lifted.


✳ Curfew stays 7pm to 5am
✳ Schools remain closed
✳ Boda Bodas can carry 1 + cargo to 6pm
✳ Bars remain closed
✳ Salons open
✳ Restaurants to remain open
✳ Kikuubo open for wholesale, except corridors
✳ Mall open
✳ Burials not more than 20
✳ Prayers of worship stay closed for 60 more days
✳ Sports allowed, no spectators
✳ Cinemas, theatres remain closed
✳ Saunas remain closed

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