See the Top 10 Hottest And juicy Ugandan Female Video Vixens

In Uganda most attention is given to artists who sing and people like songwriters, audio producers music video makers and the vixens are left aside by the music fans. Unlike in countries like USA, video Vixens in many countries are paid in peanuts compared to the work they put in for the video to go viral.

We normally appreciate the work of the musician and the video producers in making good music videos but we forget to give credit to other people who also contribute on making the videos worth watching.

Today, we have compiled a list of top hottest and freshest female video vixens in Uganda.

1. Nahia Idris

Nahia is rumored to be Fik Fameica’s lover in this lock down period and she features in his Lov-Lov video.

She is a new face to the entertainment industry but her beauty brings her 1st on the list of top video vixens.

2. Vivian Gold Kaitetsi

Vivian Gold is massive on social media platforms like Tik Tok.

She is one of the most if not the most followed Ugandan babe on Tik Tok with over 1.5M followers.

Vivian recently featured in Lock music video with celebrity Fik Fameica.

Vivian holds the 2nd position of the top 10 hottest video vixens in Uganda today.

3. Brinah Slimbae

Brinah is also very famous on Tit Tok with a huge following.

She featured in John Blaq’s new single, Mbimala. Her beauty and sexy smiles earns her the 3rd position on the hottest and freshest vixens in Uganda today.

4. Belta Twerk

Belta is one of the vixens in Ziza Bafana’s latest banger dubbed ‘Embuzi’.

She is fresh and aggressive with all massive artillery and excellent twerking skills and curvy body that brings her 4th on the list.

5. Dance mamweta

Dancemamweta has featured in a couple of music videos and definitely features as 5th on this list.

A few days back she featured in John Blaq’s Mbimala along side Brinah.

6. Etania Mutoni

Etania has featured in two different videos which are “Buligita” of Fik Fameica plus “Empetta” of Sheebah and King Saha.

Because of her beauty, body curves and skin coulor she earned herself the 6th position of hottest female Ugandan vixen.

7. Esther Namata

Namata is part of the IDU dancers group. She was the first, if not only, dancer to start up an Amapiano dance class in Uganda fusing it with the Ugandan traditional moves.

Her dance energy on the dance floor brings her 7th on the list.

8. Lynda Ddane

Lynda has a beautiful face, good skin colour, nice smile, smoke eyes and gorgeous body.

Lynda Ddane was the main vixen in B2C’s Munda Awo music video which has since garnered over 4.5M views on YouTube.


9. Zuena

Zuena has featured in hubby Bebe Cool’s new song “Make A Wish”  which was a love song dedicated to her by her husband.

She featured in the list because of her beauty and nice body shape that brought her 9th.

10. Nagginda Siamah

In case you’re an enthusiast of Ugandan music, you’ve most likely recognized her in no less than one of the moving music video recordings. Being a multi-capable lady, Nagginda Siamah Belle has done everything.

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