FINALLY!! Dr. Hamza Succeeds In Making Rema Namakula Pregnant, Three Years Later After Their Kajanja Wedding. Apparently ‘Namyekozo’ Is Now Six Months Pregnant, Leaving Eddy Kenzo Jealous And Worried!

Sources close to singer Rema Namakula allege how the mother of one is currently heavily pregnant and expecting her second child, who will also be her first child with husband Hamza Ssebunya.

The rumor was fueled up on Eid when Rema Namakula disappointed her fans after she didn’t share photos or videos o how she spent her Eid day with her hubby Hamza Sebunya just as she always does.

FINALY; Rema Namakula Pregnant For Dr. Hamza Ssebunya - YouTube

The “Siri Muyembe” singer did not share anything on her social media because she is trying to hide her pregnancy from the public eye which is 6 months and a half.

Rema’s fans have been on her neck ever since she made her relationship official with Hamza Ssebunya. They been pestering the couple to have a child to celebrate their union.

Since their popular wedding in 2018, the famous couple has been faced with public judgement and scrutiny having put their love life in the limelight, in a bid to make Eddy Kenzo jealous for not treating Rema like the queen she wanted to be treated.

However, Rema and Hazma not having a child after these many years has been an issue of public concern, and hopefully that debate will be put to rest once Rema produces a child for her Musawo Hamza.

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