Flashy Diamond Platnumz Brags About Flying To South Africa To Buy His Own Private Jet, Just Days After Buying A Rolls Royce.

Tanzania star Naseeb Abdul Juma known for his stage name Diamond Platnumz has spoken out about buying the private jet he was seen posing with just after landing in South Africa. Speaking through his manager Salam SK, the father of four confirmed that he is already negotiating deals with different companies in South Africa and in Canada.

“Swala la Ndege ni kama limekamilika (Almost Done) . na kama watu wa maintainance watani-approve Basi itakua ni ndani ya Mwezi Mmoja tu . Mpaka sasa kuna kampuni mbili ambazo tunadeal nazo Moja ipo South Africa na Nyingine ipo Canada . Itakua ina Seat 11 mpaka 13 ”

(We are almost done acquiring the private jet. If the maintenance people approve the deal, the plane will be here in a months time. We are negotiating with two aviation companies, one in South Africa and another one in Canada. The plane will accommodate 11 to 13 passengers.)

Life, in general, may have been largely off the cards for most over the past year but the 31-year-old has been living it out all over the world.

From rubbing shoulders with the Hip-Hop legends in the USA to acquiring a new Rolls Royce Cullinan 2021-worth over ksh70 million, Diamond today morning landed in South Africa on a private jet.

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