Government issues license and factory land to Covidex developer, Prof. Ogwang

By Website Writer; The Uganda Investment Authority issued an investment license to Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang, the brains behind Covidex the Covid-19 herbal remedy.

The initiative is a boost to Uganda’s pathogenic economy and also crucial in enhancing the production of Covidex to satisfy the increasing demand for COVID-19 herbal remedies within Uganda and across the borders.

The land availed is by the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is five acres of land in Soroti Industrial Park and is anticipated to enable Prof. Patrick Ogwang to set up his Jena Herbals Ltd factory to manufacture Covidex in massive amounts.

Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang

In June, the Uganda National Drug Authority (NDA) approved the use of a local herbal drug, Covidex as a supportive treatment in the management of viral infections including coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

The herb has since surfaced the drug market though with a lagging supply hence government plans to expand its production.

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