No Matter How Much You Love a Lady, Don’t Do These 4 Things

I know some guys find it difficult to control themselves, once they find a lady they love. But then, no matter how hard controlling yourself may seem to be, you must learn to control yourself. When you eventually find a lady you like, there are some things you should refrain yourself from doing to her. This is because most ladies are full of different characters, you can’t know everything about them. Even when you think you know your woman, you will be surprised at the next act she will display for you.

As a man, you must be able to caution and control yourself when it comes to women. In this article, I will show you 4 big things you should not do for a lady no matter how much you love her.

1. Don’t propose to her if you don’t know about her family.

Most young guys make this mistake nowadays. Never ask a lady to marry you if you don’t know anything about her family. Don’t assume she’s good for you because she’s a nice lady, it’s wrong. Find out about her family, if her parents are still together or she’s from a broken home. The fact that you’ve been together for months or years does not make her a wife material. Get the facts you need to know about her family.

2. Don’t get a lady pregnant out of wedlock

This is a very common trend among young guys of today. Getting a lady pregnant when you’re not married to her makes you an irresponsible man. You might see yourself as a responsible man, but how do you think others will see you. Your friends might be deceiving you that you’ve done well, but they will still be the ones to go behind your back and say nasty things about you. If you love that woman so much, then try to go extra mile for her. Do all that is required and make her your wife.

3. Do not fight another man because of a lady

Like why should you fight your fellow gender because of a lady? It’s not worth and it doesn’t prove anything. If you fight another man over a woman, two things are bound to happen. It’s either you get beat up and then you end up in the hospital or you beat up another person and then you end up in prison. Learn to control your emotions and your anger as a man. A good lady won’t even let you do that.

4. Do not reject your family because of a lady

As weird as this may sound, it will interest you to know that some guys do this. Before you think of doing that, ask yourself if that lady can do the same for you.


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