GUYS!! When a Girl Says “She Will Think About It”, Here Are 2 Things To Know

There are several scenarios when a guy asks a girl out and then she replies to him by saying “I will think about it”. I know many of you that are guys have also gotten this reply once or twice from a lady. The question that many of us now ask is that what does it mean when a girl tells a guy this, what is the meaning of “I will think about it?”

One thing I have observed is that some guys translate this to mean that the girl is not in any interest and they take it as a no. Some also translate it as hope for them to prove themselves right and won the girl’s heart.

However, I’ve made some findings and I got to find out what this kind of reply actually means. The first thing to take note of is the tone it is said, as the meaning varies from one person to another.

The first is that most ladies who say YES directly are being referred to as being cheap girls, and this is why many have reverted to saying they will think about it. She might actually mean to say yes because she really likes you but she’s scared to say it.

Also, it might be that she doesn’t want you to feel hurt or feel down and rejected. So, instead of saying NO directly, she uses the common phrase that she will think about it.

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