Caroline Marcah reveals her HIV status amidst alleged bonking with MC Kats

Bukedde TV presenter Caroline Marcah real name Caroline Marcah Mirembe has rubbished allegations that she is HIV positive after her union with Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats. Netizens alleged that since Caro managed to be a strong woman behind MC Kats back, she is also positive like the NBS TV presenter.

However, during an interview with a local TV station, Caro has shown off her HIV test results that are confirming that she is HIV Negative. The action by the two TV stars had cleared off the doubt from people’s heads that Caro is not negative.

“We have decided to show you, people, that these things are possible to have an HIV-positive friend. Many allege that we are sleeping together but stop stigmatizing people. Here are the HIV test results and it reads Negative. So stop your fake allegations that Caroline is Positive,” The alleged lovebirds opened up.

Caro has also revealed that she has been doing HIV tests and all have been negative. “For those who know me I have been doing this checks way even before I meet MC Kats. Kats is not an HIV Positive person I have met. I have met many in my life. I am negative,” Caroline reveals.

Despite the fact that the closeness of the alleged lovebirds confirms there is some chemistry between them, MC Kats have denied being in a relationship or bonking together. “Caro is my best friend, am happy that I met her,” MC Kats revealed.

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