Naye Ki ekigenda maso e Uganda? Juicy Alicia Boss Chic Rubs ‘Sumbie’ On Top Of Cupboard As She Satisfies her Self In New Monkey Style

Uganda is currently undergoing a 42 days lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of the pandemic but as expected many babes are now whopper hungry because they can neither walk long distances to see their boyfriend nor can they hump on the next boda to meet their sugar daddies.

As a result, many slay queens have resorted to satisfying themselves inside their homes. With the help of long dildos and the ever affordable ‘Mwana mugimu’, we are hearing numerous reports of babes downloading themselves during this period just as many seek to level up with the demands of nature.

As the habit continues to spread like a contagious virus, Alicia Boss Chic one of the popular city slay queen recorded a video of herself rubbing her ‘sumbie’ on top of a kitchen cupboard.

Appearing topless in the clip, Alicia can be seen whining and twerking her booty as she sensationally rubs her ‘sumbie’ on top of the cup boar.

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