By: Shifrah Kayaga Every woman and man has a right to be curios mostly when it comes to their partners being around female/male friends. But, with the case of a house helper, it would be so lazy, stupid and careless of you
not knowing that your husband keeps on bonking him or her.

Here are the 9 signs that show your Husband or wife is sleeping around with the maid.
1. Disrespect: Every employee is entitled to respecting his or her bosses but, some loose this respect
mostly when they have some sexual relationship with your loved ones.

2. So free: Being humble and and polite to your bosses is key. But, the moment you see your partner and
house helper being so free to each other, you will get to know that there is something going on.
3. Endless gifts. Every one has a right to appreciate house helpers and every one has a style in which
they do this. But, gifts have a limit. Too much gifts minus a purpose must be a sign that there is
something going on.

4. Complaining. No family is complete but helpers have to be there to understand each and every
situation. the moment you see her always complaining and shouting about in house problems, my dear
send her or him back to their home.
5. Always on the other side. Quarrels, complaints and fights are part of a steady family. But, the moment
you try blaming your house helper and your partner comes to intrude not once or twice, just start doing
some investigations.
6. Attention. Here we mean care probably. So, every one has to be attended too but too much attention
causes an alart. Your partner is always running up and down over issues concerned with the house

7. Leave excuses. Not all bad acts are done from home, some are done in hidden secret places of you as
a partner will never get to know. Non stop leave breaks are a sign mostly with small excuses.
8. Much care. When your house helper starts showing too much care to your partner, better know there
is something wrong.
More signs are still coming in. But, per now, the ball is in your hands to either be so observative or let all
that you worked so hard for fall apart


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