Government to merge over 97 agencies, harmonise salaries. will this move save tax payer’s money?

the Government on Tuesday this week (4th/may/2021) issued detailed guidelines on the implementation of the planned merger of up to 97 agencies,

The State Minister for Public Service, Mr. David Karubanga, while delivering a statement to Parliament said that arrangements are in the offing to harmonize job grades and pay across ministries, departments, and agencies.

The news would be a sweetener to public service employees who have long complained about disparate remuneration for people doing similar jobs and holding similar qualifications and experience.

While this is expected to result in massive job losses and the number of employees who will be affected was not immediately available, it is expected that the merger will provide better services, salaries to the employees and also save a big deal on government expenditure that goes into salary remuneration.

After a critical review of the ministries a plan to merge 18 ministries and over 90 agencies many seem to be a relief to the taxpayer who has the burden of footing all the expenses that come with the ministry however with the way government does things it is not a guarantee that the merger will result into less spending and better results.

The rampant misappropriation of funds within government and selfishness that comes with employees has led to a lug in work progression so can the public be optimistic with this move?

Mr Karubanga said the government is slated to start implementation of the merger in the next financial year, which starts on July 1, starting with the harmonization of pay across the services.

The process involves a comprehensive job evaluation across the service to determine their worth.
“The second undertaking is to facilitate the design of a harmonized salary structure of the entire public service. We shall carry out job analysis and grading in all the agencies and come up with one salary structure,” Mr. Karubanga said.




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