One Time Pastor Bujingo Gave Me 2Million To Buy A Sexy Underwear To Impress Him In Bed – It Was So Romantic. Suzan Makula

By:Our reporter: As we are still Gossiping about who is eating who, suzan makula comes out to hurt teddy Bujingo once again

As it was cauted on a certain website, it’s believed that one day suzan was given 2million shillings to buy a nice sexy bra to impress her lover

She says

Susan Makula: One time, when Pastor Bugingo was still vibing me, he called me while in a supermarket and asked to buy for me whatever I wanted…😊

I told him to buy me a knicker and a bra, promising to wear them for him..🙈 He bought the knicker but couldn’t find a nice bra, so he gave me Ugx. 2M to go and buy the kind of bra I wanted else where 🥰


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