Pastor Ssempa calls for arrest of Lwasa over leaked video

Makerere church pastor Martin Ssempa has come out to condemn Masaka Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa over his involvement in the leaked videos scandal that has gripped the nation. Ssempa is furious that Lwasa... Read more »

Museveni named one of African leaders preparing country for family rule: More leaders listed

According to an article by the BBC about how African presidents are grooming thier sons for power, among the presidents on the list was President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who after winning elections... Read more »

Kampala’s night workers; what it takes to spirit away a phone and laptop.

The theft of mobile phones is the biggest crime committed in Kampala and the surrounding areas, according to authorities. According to Police, the theft of mobile phones is the work of petty... Read more »

Government to merge over 97 agencies, harmonise salaries. will this move save tax payer’s money?

the Government on Tuesday this week (4th/may/2021) issued detailed guidelines on the implementation of the planned merger of up to 97 agencies, The State Minister for Public Service, Mr. David Karubanga, while... Read more »

VIDEO: Diana Nabatanzi Yalina Buli Kika Kyampisa Embi – Nafuba Okumuteekamu Sente Yeteleeze Naye Byaagana. Omugagga Lwaasa Abotodde Ebyaama

By:Our reporter: Oluvanyuma lwomugagga Lwasa okuvaayo nayanjula ewamukyaala we angel, Kyadaaki Abotodde Ebyaama Abantu banji babadde beebuza nti lwaki abawala nadala ba celeb bakaabila Omugagga Lwasa Abandi byabasobedde Bwebaalabye nti nawankubadde lwaswa... Read more »

Tycoon Lwasa Takes Diana Nabatanzi To Dubai For A Vacation – Apologises For Zahara Totto Disrespecting Her

By:Our reporter: Tycoon Lwasa will never stop amusing us after he took Diana to Dubai for a vacation This happened after a brutal fight in Facebook between lwasa’s wives that left Diana... Read more »

“Mbu Pastor Bujingo Gave Her 2 Million For A Bra” – You Only Ashamed Your Self Kikazi Gwe. Teddy Bujingo Sends Message To Suzan Makula

By:Our reporter: After last week of suzan makula coming out and saying bugingo gave her 2 million for a bra, people felt disappointed According to the society, they felt like how ever... Read more »

Kitonsa Promised Me Heaven On Earth But Only To Give Me Endless Tears -Kale Katonda Ajja Kumusasula. Grace Khan Feeling Emotional

By:Our reporter: Singer grace khan can’t get enough of the pain as she keeps thinking Kojja Kitonsa didn’t finally make his marriage official The two banged for a long time and they... Read more »

One Time Pastor Bujingo Gave Me 2Million To Buy A Sexy Underwear To Impress Him In Bed – It Was So Romantic. Suzan Makula

By:Our reporter: As we are still Gossiping about who is eating who, suzan makula comes out to hurt teddy Bujingo once again As it was cauted on a certain website, it’s believed... Read more »

I Told You I Got Done With Love Niggas – So Stop Your Stupid Claims That I Might Get Back With Eddy Kenzo, His Nolonger My Type

By:Our reporter: Singer Rema namakula feels on cloud 9 after finally meeting the man of her dreams Remah was once married to our famous artist Eddy Kenzo and these two got a... Read more »