Abatuuze b’emakindye bekubidde endulu eri gavumenti ebayambeko ku bukyafu obubasuseko

Abatuuze b’omuNkere Zone e Makidye negyebuli eno bakyekkokkola ekitongole kya KCCA okubagobaganya kunguudo kwebaali bakolera okusobola okufuna ekigulira magalo eddiba. Bano bagamba boolekedde enjala kakutiya,enddwadde nga nemumayumba mwebasula ba landlord bagaala kubagoba... Read more »

Ugandan Dubai sumbie vendor has 100k dollar note pulled out of her V as she was stealing it

Well well, crazy things do happen and this one is as crazy as you would never imagine. A video that surfaced on social media has left people speechless after the contents that... Read more »

Prophet Elvis Mbonye Reportedly Breaks up With Former Miss Uganda Ellah Nantumbwe

Zoe Ministries senior pastor, Prophet Elvis Mbonye reportedly broke up with longtime girlfriend Stellah Nantumbwe, the former Miss Uganda and Big Brother housemate. Though it is not yet revealed what happened between... Read more »

Banamukadde bekalakasiza olwa bu side chick, mbu bwetega nyo ekisuse butuuse nokumalawo amaka gabwe

Ugandan house wives have come out to protest against side chics who are said to be spoiling their marriages. According to the protestors, they want the kameeza ‘home’ money to be increased.... Read more »

Nze nagenda muggulu nenjogera ne Katonda nanengeza okuffa kw’abadde speaker Oulanyah – Omusumba Mbonye avuddeyo nakakasa.

Yeah yeah, another revelation that comes after the actual happening is again roaming on the African streets. No need to go to the South or West of Africa.   The prophecy this... Read more »

Makerere University student’s explicit nud3 pictures and videos leaked

If you thought you had seen it all for the s3x videos and n#de photos from University students then you have it all wrong. These keep on getting their nekkid content leaked... Read more »

Ugandans collaborate in prayers for bedridden Speaker Oulanyah

By Website Writer; Speaker of the 11th Parliament of Uganda Rt Hon. Jacob Oulanyah is bedridden, we can affirmatively state. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah was flown abroad in February 2022 after his health... Read more »

Teenage girl with high libido shocks people when she proudly confirms sleeping with six married men at once

Ugandan rapper GNL Zamba in one of his songs sang that when the world punches you, don’t accept to fall down, instead punch it back. It seems the lesson 24 year old... Read more »

Ugandans did not give me a chance to heal – Jackie Chandiru

By Website Writer; Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru is still saddened by the fact that fellow netizens rushed and frustrated her total recovery. The former Blu*3, a female singing group says that Ugandans... Read more »

Gov’t outs fallen Mutebile’s funeral programme

By Website Writer; The Government of Uganda has released Burial programme for the late Governor Bank of Uganda Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile. The body of the Late Mutebile was returned in Uganda... Read more »