I Have Even Never Admired A Housefly – How Can You Think I Forcefully Pushed Sheebah Into Okwegadanda Naye. Munveeko!! Andrew Mwenda Opens Up.

By; Our Reporter: Journalist andrew mwenda so tired of how people are continuously disrespecting him about sheebahs case Sheebah karungi recently came out and informed us that some very important guy came... Read more »

Am Tired Of Hiding, All I Need Is Some Quality Time With My Baby – Omwami Wa Fullfigure Abikooye. Ayagala Mwana’we. Jennifer Ayombye

By; Our Reporter; Presidential advisor Jennifer full figure can’t swallow her words after claimed father coming out to demand for her child Full figure has been so secretive with the husband telling... Read more »

Bobiwine Knows The Reason Why Abantu Bba People Power Baffa – Try Asking Him Mubiseelabye Ebye’dembe He Will Tell You. Bebecool Atugambye

By; Our reporter; Singer bebecool and Bobiwine will not stop fighting each other as the beef has gone beyond Recently Bobiwine communicated that some Nup supporters had lost lives in an accident... Read more »

I Hate It When Agasajja Agakulu Bwekankozesa By Force – If You Need Any Services, Call Me Twogele Mubulunji Nkuwe. Sheebah Still Not Happy

By; Our reporter; Singer Sheebah karungi still not contented with why some one mature would touch her body by force Last week, we got to hear news that Sheebah was forcefully raped... Read more »

This Was The Day Mr Kiwaani Opened Up To Me That His Working For Museveni – Katti Abasilu Bba People Power Babawuguusa Ne’bayasaamilila. Bobiwine Is Fake. Frank Gashumba Mukoowu

By; Our Reporter; Musajja mukulu frank gashumba yakoowa abantu baabulilila nebatayigga Olunaku lwaalelo yavudeyonategeeza nti bobiwine ella nga ono amweyitila Mr Kiwaani mukwaano gwamuseveni nffa nffe Gashumba atugambye ababili banno baasiliwazza abantu... Read more »

Stop Pointing Fingers In Me Concerning Sheebah’s Matter – Am Ready To Offer Her Money In Case She Reveals Ani Yamukwaatila Mu’motoka. Andrew Mwenda Tired Of Drama

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Choosing Bobiwine For Presidency! – I Would Rather Choose Kapele To Rule This Country. Bobiwine Talina Potential Etufugga. Bebecool Ayogedde Ebiluma Abayaaye

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Women Who Spend Time Looking For Water To Please Their Men Mbasekeledde – Abaami Bamwe Basigala Batusumbuwa Mbbu Baagala Change Of Meal. Spice Diana Laughs At Married Women

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Teli Musilu Wa People Power Agenda Kunemesa Kwoogela Kyenjagala – Bobiwine Can Never Lead Anyone And That’s It Simple. Frank Gashumba Munyiivu

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Stop Forcing Me To Give Birth – Cindy Is Much Older Than Me Yensonga Lwaki Yye Yazaala. Me I Still Have Time. Sheebah Mukoowu

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