China CPC marks 100 years, xi jinpin sends strong warning message to countries trying to tear it down

On July 1st this year, China’s Communist Party of China marked 100 years making it the world’s longest party. The party which started in 1921 with its first meeting on a small... Read more »

Govt identifies 38% households to benefit from covid fumds

A total of 501107 households  are to benefit from the covid  100,000 ugx support to be given to vulnerable people According to the minister of Gender Labour and Social Development Hon. Betty... Read more »

Covidex not a covid19 cure. What NDA says about the drug

With the increased spread of the corona virus, ugandans had resorted to a cheaper option turning to a local medical herb-covidex as a  cure for the virus. The National Drugs Authority (NDA)... Read more »

Hundreds of motorists without identification curbed around Kampala

On monday the police spokesperson Fred Enanga warned motorists from flaunting covid19 measures as directed by the president. In a bid to enforce the measures, the police have mounted road block on... Read more »

Police to continue crack down on those faulting covid19 measures as directed by president Museveni

The police has vowed to continue on its operations in and outside Kampala in order to enforce the covid 19 measures put up by the president. While addressing journalists at the police... Read more »

Country holds 4th national prayers seeking for God’s intervention to protect Uganda

On Thursday the president announced for a national public holiday to make way for prayers in order to seek God’s intervention. The 4th national prayers led by the main celebrant Apostle Joseph... Read more »

Covid relief fund- each vulnerable person to get 100,000 relief money

After a meeting that was held between the prime minister Robina Nabbanja and the covid 19 task force, a resolution was reached that instead of food distribution as it was in the... Read more »

Am working as a guerrilla because of the opposition from parliament – Museveni

The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has claimed that he is working as a guerrilla because of the opposition from parliament. While making an address during the ministers swearing in ceremony... Read more »

Govt to give Ugandans relief via mobile money or vouchers- prime minister Nabbanja

Following the recent lockdown set by the president on 18th June this year, the office of the prime minister heard by minister designate Robina Nabbanja together with her committee has set... Read more »

President Museveni sets tight directves as country continues to regester more deaths

Barely two weeks before president Museveni addressed the nation on June 6th this year about covid and issued directives to prevent further spread, Uganda has had a surge in the number of... Read more »